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Meet Our Suppliers
Isibindi Africa

It was while sitting on the banks of the scenic Isibindi River in KwaZulu Natal, that Brett and Paige Gehren first started hoping that they could share their passion for protecting the pristine and precious natural wonders of Africa. Fiercely committed to conservation and making a difference, the vision for Isibindi Africa Lodges was born.


Today, they have created a collection of exclusive lodges to celebrate the biodiversity and cultural heritage of South Africa. They “tread gently on the earth” and ensure local communities share fully in a commitment to protect and promote this majestic land.


&Beyond’s luxury lodges and camps are perfectly situated to showcase the very best of Africa’s iconic safari destinations. Each has its own style and character, which harmoniously blends with their pristine surrounds. Better still, everything &Beyond does revolves around their core ethic of Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, and Care of the People.


These values are central to the way they operate and are, increasingly, part of the reason why our guests find their experience so rewarding.

We like to think of South African Secrets as one big family, so we strive to choose partners we’re proud to call our own. 


We work with small independent South African companies, many of them owned or co-owned by local communities. We’re proud to support the land, the wildlife and the people, it’s important to us. We’ll go eco, sustainable and indigenous at every opportunity. 


We believe that small is beautiful and that luxury isn’t the prerogative of big faceless companies. 


We’re adamant that it is important to give back as much as we can. And we know that companies like &Beyond and Isibindi Africa are like-minded. 


That’s why we use them to create your perfect bespoke holiday. We know that their passion for this land will shine through and ignite in you an everlasting love for South Africa.

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