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Meet Paul and Terry

"South Africa is more than just a country to us, it's a love affair."

Like any relationship, our love has grown deeper over the years.


We’ve discovered a land of breathtaking beauty that never fails to take us by surprise each time we return. We can’t wait to uncover more and more little gems to add to our collection of secrets – ones that the big tour operators probably don’t know about.


That’s what makes South Africa so special – there’s always something new to explore. In fact, we love the place so much we’ve made it our home from home. In 2014 we commissioned and custom built our very own luxury lodge – ‘Indlwana’. It’s part of our itinerary accommodation so when we say, “Mi casa es su casa” we really mean it!


And just so we don’t miss South Africa too much when we’re back in Blighty, we’ve even named our company dog Zulu Zac.

Remind Terry that he once thought seeing South Africa just meant going on safari, visiting Cape Town or driving the Garden Route and he’ll throw back his head and let out a throaty laugh. How wrong he was!


Now, Terry revels in choosing the most amazing accommodation and travel options to suit your dreams and budget. He has a real flair for finding something that’s just perfect for you.


Terry too, is fantastic company. Choose an escorted tour and you couldn’t have better travelling companions than Paul and Terry.

About Terry
About Paul

Paul’s passion and enthusiasm for Africa is infectious. Even 10 minutes in his company will have your feet itchy for the rich red soils and golden sands of South Africa.


His ability to put together a bespoke itinerary and route is uncanny. And his flexibility to go with the flow if you want to change plans is remarkable.


Paul is a skilled equestrian, a bon viveur and great company to have by your side if you choose the escorted tour.

Paul with elephant

Zulu Zac is South African Secrets’ mascot and sniffer-outer of holiday gems.


A perennial puppy and pure Rottweiler (in his head) Zulu is named after our ‘Indlwana’ spiritual homeland.


The little fellah has the heart of a lion and we only wish we could take him with us on every trip.

Meet Zulu Zac!
Zulu Zac mascot

When you have acquired a taste for the dust,

and the scent of our first rain,

You’re hooked for life on Africa,

and you’ll not be right again.

Until you can watch the setting moon

and hear the jackals bark.

And know they are around you

waiting in the dark


When you long to see the elephants

or hear the coucal’s song,

When the moonrise sets your blood on fire,

then you’ve been away too long.

It is time to cut the traces loose,

and let your heart go free,

Beyond that far horizon

where your spirit yearns to be.


Africa is waiting – come!

Since you have touched the open sky

And learned to love the rustling grass

and the wild fish eagle’s cry.

You’ll always hunger for the bush;

for the lion’s rasping roar,

To camp at last beneath the stars

and be at peace once more.


The House of Beccaria    Author Unknown

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