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Spotted on Safari

The Safari Experience

Wetlands, imposing mountains, rare sand forest, wild bush, pristine wilderness, rivers, plains, private and national game reserves. South Africa has them all. And with them comes a diversity of wildlife that’s almost unimaginable.


You can follow cheetah running wild or interact with them at a conservation centre. Track a herd of elephants or come face-to-face with them at a sanctuary. Spot the lesser seen Black or White Rhino or the camera-shy leopard. Or watch spellbound as a majestic lioness nurtures her cubs.


One thing’s for sure, your days will be crammed full of exciting sightings of thousands of animals and birds that call South Africa home and your evenings will be spent sharing your safari ‘tales’ over a few sundowners. Good practise for when you get home.

A Meeting you will Never Forget
Come face-to-face with elephants in a meeting that will stay with you forever.
Elephant spotting on safari
Giraffe Spotting on safari
Elephant spotting on safari
Elephant on safari
Hippo on safari
Deer on safari
Lioness on safari
Giraffes on safari
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